Located on a simple local island Mathiveri is a place for everything, and everyone. It’s a chance to experience the local island life, and to indulge in the local cuisine. While and exploring the Maldivian culture you can become part of the community, and take part in the local activities. The island also features a remarkable white sandy beach with a crystal clear lagoon.




Snorkeling in Mathiveri island Maldives  is one of the most favourite recreational activities. Near by reefs in Mathiveri island is one of the best reefs counted in Maldives . you will see the reef colours  arrounf the mathiveri island reefs.The visibility of these area is good during all seasons 

The Mathiveri island  Maldives is considered one of the best places for Snorkeling in the world

Day visit to Resort



There are many resorts in Ari Atoll and you could see some of them everyday as you stroll around the island or lie relaxing on the beach. The full-day excursion offers you the possibility of sampling for yourself the unique beauty of at least some of these.

Kayak, canoe Standing paddle 


Ari villa offers Many non water sports activities like kayaking , canoe and standing paddle , Ari villa sea view is located in front for beach with a view of uninhabited or virgin island near by which you can reach withing 3 mints by these water toys 

Dolphins Excursions

Dolphins are the commonest species, They coming Near by Mathiveri Island early morning, and leaving again for the open ocean in the late afternoon.


This dependable schedule means that it is very easy to find Spinner Dolphins at certain times every day.  While nothing with wildlife can be absolutely guaranteed, you will never have a better chance to watch wild dolphins playing in their natural environment than right here in the Maldives.

Fishing (Day/Night)



Ari Villa Fishing in local way  is in the Maldivian blood.

To experience the satisfaction of catching  your own fish, a night fishing trip (offered by the hotel) is the way to go. Your boat leaves before the sunset to find a good spot near a reef.

The boat crew will show you how to use the lines, hooks, and sinkers. Mathiveri Island Near reef is one of the best reef fishing area in Maldives for sure you would get fish and make your BBQ on the beach with your caught fish.

Turtle Excursions


snorkel with turtles, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity in Maldives as the chance to meet the wonderful creatures just from few foots is more then probable.Turtles in Mathiveri island reefs are very friendly and can even take photos with them 

Manta Snorkeling


Manta Snorkeling in Mathiveri island Maldives  is one of the most favorite recreational activities. During All season you have chance to see these amazing friendly marine animal . Mostly at the morning and evening time they will be around mathiveri reefs searching for food.

The stingray beach in Mathiveri Island


You have chance to see these wonderful creature near by mathiveri beach without snorkeling , they come near to beach for food , This one of the popular sight seeing in Mathiveri island .

Alif Alif Mathiveri Island




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